Q: How much experience is necessary to enjoy the workshop?

A: Originally we felt that it was important to be fairly competent to enjoy the art workshop. However having seen numerous individuals with little or not experience "blossom" when immersed in an artistic environment (including some partners of individuals taking the workshop) we have a special enthusiasm for those just starting out. Let us know you are a beginner and we will work to make sure you enjoy the experience.

Q: As an experienced artist will I be challenged enough to enjoy the workshop? 

A: Lee and Susan's art trips are designed so that those with all levels of experience will benefit and make artistic discoveries.

Q: How do I know what materials to bring? 

A: All participants will receive a supply list of easily obtainable materials prior to the workshop.

Q: What if I don't know anyone else taking the workshop? 

Frequently most of the participants are new to the rest of the group. Meeting and making new artist friends is a part of the richness of the experience. Lee and Susan enjoy the social aspects of the art adventures and work hard to make sure you do too.

Q: Can I bring my mate? 

A: Accomdations vary with each trip - let's talk, sometimes we can offer a reduced rate for non-painters. Partners of participants are welcome to share meal times and "snoop" in occasionally to see what the group is doing. Often workshops are in locations which are conducive to individual exploration.

Q: I have mobility issues. Will that be a problem? 

A: Let's talk. Usually they can be worked around.

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