Susan and Lee give the most exciting, creative, unique workshops I have ever taken. I always look forward to the next one. They inspire me to see things in a new way and bring a fresh approach to my paintings. What a wonderful way to take a watercolor class. Getting out of the classroom and to new places like Mexico and Alaska really opens the artistic mind to new things.

Mary Ann Harkness
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I can highly recommend Susan and Lee's workshops to anyone who enjoys learning with a group of inspiring and fun fellow learners. I have participated in their workshops at the studio and to Mexico, Puget Sound, (Friday Harbor), and the Alaska Art Cruise. Each was a wonderful learning experience. Both Lee and Susan are supportive and talented teachers.

Don Divens

I have attended four art workshops with Lee and Susan. They were all very well planned. I learned a lot and had great fun! They complement each other as artists and make a great teaching team. When I went to Hawaii with them I had only painted for a short time but they were able to accommodate many different skill levels at the same time. The week long workshops are the best, because you can concentrate on art without distractions. I can hardly wait for another opportunity to go off with them to another exciting locale!

Carol Hanlin
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When I travel with Susie and Lee, I get to experience a unique, creative and comfortable environment in a new exotic location. This gives me fresh images and ideas to paint from, with lots of fun group energy, plus great photos and memories to paint back in my studio. But what I appreciate the most is Susie and Lee's teaching style of great demo's and personal painting direction. Their insightful and helpful comments on my painting help me to the next level. What a winning combination!

Patti Schmidt

Inspiring, invigorating, inventive ... a ten day sojourn to the island of Kauai. One of the best experiences that I have taken, to inspire the creativeness and freshness of painting for the seer joy of painting. My second trip with Suzi and Lee to Kauai. Facility and camaraderie extraordinary. I'm ready to do it again!

Bev Winther
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I have been going on your trips since the very first one: the Alaska cruise of the inland passage over twelve years ago! Each and every trip has been a delight and inspiration. Both of you, Suzi and Lee, work very well together. You compliment each other in artistic style and are equally encouraging. We have had many fun time, lots of laughs and wonderful memories. You also draw other talented artist who it has been terrific to get to know and be inspired by. By my count I have enjoyed at least six adventures. Thank you Lee and Suzi. Chris (Lee's lovely wife) is a wonderful addition when she is able to join the group.

Carol Sands

The art adventures that I have attended have been inspirational! What a luxury to be fully immersed in an art environment plus gorgeous surroundings. The stimulating dialogue, intense critiques and the unique flavor of each participant adds to the richness of a total art experience. I love the freedom to choose my own focus. Lee and Suzi guide each artist to reach their potential in a gentle and entertaining manner.
Keep your heart in the arts.

Jan Rimerman
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